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Welcome to my blog, and my first post!

I often have thoughts about current health / wellness / psychology topics, scrolling through social media, reading the news or The Psychologist, and wanted to make a space where I could record my 'thoughts on things' and share them, and maybe hear others' views too!

I'm interested in all things mental health and wellness, and have recently completed my MSc in Forensic Psychology and Crime. I have a background of working in mental health, and I currently work in substance misuse, specialising in supporting those using alcohol and non-opiate drugs. I'm completing further qualifications in managing alcohol misuse, as well as aiming to become a fully qualified Forensic Psychologist.

Through my work, and my own experiences, I'll be sharing my thoughts on things, as well as tips and tricks for a mentally healthier life!

I hope you enjoy🙂 Bronwen x x



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